MCCLPHEI Presentation: Emerging Technologies

[Links from my MCCLPHEI Presentation]


  • Flickr Tags — Showing the most popular tags right now and all-time
  • Wordle — A simple but powerful tool for creating word clouds from any text or list of words
  • Name Voyager — An interactive chart for exploring the popularity of baby names



  • Living Room Candidate — The Living Room Candidate website is a beautifully-designed online exhibit from the Museum of the Moving Image, showcasing presidential campaign commercials from 1952 to 2008. You can explore by year and read a short article about each candidate’s television strategy, or browse by type of commercial (biographical, fear, real people, etc.) or by issue (corruption, taxes, war, etc.)
  • Prelinger Archives — A collection of short public service, sponsored and educational films
  • JoVE — Peer-reviewed Journal of Visualized Experiments
  • Truveo — Powerful video search engine that goes way beyond YouTube

Structured Data

  • Google Quotes — Do a Google News search on a prominent person, and look for a Quotes link in the sidebar
  • Wolfram Alpha — Computational engine
  • Google Squared — Creates a grid of structured information pulled from many sources
  • Powerset — Provides structured results from Wikipedia articles

Mapping and 3D

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