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[This is a page of links and a few notes for a 30 minute session on Going Mobile that I’m doing in a few days.]

More People Doing More Things with More Devices

  • Smartphones, feature phones
  • Devices that aren’t phones (iPod Touch)
  • What about netbooks, iPad, eBook readers, gaming devices?
  • In 2009, data traffic surpassed than voice traffic


  • “People today text 2.5 times more than make/receive calls.”
  • Texting is the most used application across all types of cellphones
  • Google SMS — Ready reference for simple, structured queries
  • ChaCha — Free text reference service with paid guides


Smartphones to Overtake Feature Phones in U.S. by 2011 — Graph showing the rise in smartphone use

  • Challenges: Small screen size, small keyboard (often virtual), not usually hooked up to peripherals
  • Advantages: Available, camera, accelerometer, compass, sensors, Location (GPS, WiFi, cell towers)

Apps or Mobile Websites


  • Programs to install and run on device
  • Platform specific and distributed by app marketplace (free or $$$)
  • More costly to create and maintain
  • Use all of the device’s hardware and configurations

Mobile Website:

  • Use the browser
  • Less expensive to create and maintain
  • Interact less with the device


  • Google Search — Search by keyboard or voice
  • Google Gesture Search — Search the phone by writing with your finger
  • Google Goggles — Search by image for works of art, book covers, landmarks; scan, OCR and translate snippets of text
  • QR Barcodes — Uses camera’s phone to scan 2D barcode to connect with mobile users. QR codes can carry formatted information for contacts and calendar listings, and can be read from paper or screen

Geo-Awareness and Augmented Reality

  • Yelp Mobile — Find nearby restaurants, libraries, etc., and read reviews from other users
  • WolfWalk — NCSU’s mobile campus tour (optionally) knows where you are, shows you nearby points of interest and provides information, historical photographs, etc.
  • Layar Augmented Reality Browser — Look through the camera, see information superimposed on the view
  • Museum of London’s StreetMuseum app — Beautiful augmented reality app…look through your phone’s camera, and see a historic photo from “then” superimposed over the reality of “now.”


“When I was a student at MIT, we all shared a computer that took up half a building and cost tens of millions of dollars. The computer in my cell phone today is a million times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful.” (Ray Kurzweil)

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