Print Friendly Plugin

The Print Friendly plugin adds a makes it easy for people to print a copies of your posts or pages, convert them into PDF, or to share them by e-mail or Twitter. It lets them save time and paper by removing the images or paragraphs that they don’t need.

It’s easy to set up — just upload the Print Friendly plugin and activate it! There’s a page of settings if you’d like a little more control over how this appears on your site: you can choose a text link or button style, decide whether you want it to appear above or below your content, and decide whether you want this to display on everywhere on your site (including on your main page) or just on the individual posts and pages.

If you want to see what this looks like and try it out, we’re using it on this site. Try it on one of the longer posts with lots of pictures to get the full effect of how you can customize your results.

  • Print Friendly WordPress Plugin — You can download the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository
  • Print Friendly — Wish that everyone used Print Friendly on their website? Just add the Print Friendly bookmarklet to your browser and you can get all the Print Friendly features for any page.

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