Open Source Presentation

Pliny's AlleeOpen Source for an Open World — Here’s a link to my presentation from the NELA ITS Conference Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Open Source, held at the beautiful Tower Hill Botanical Garden in Boylston.

During my presentation, I demonstrated the song-clapping exercise as an example of the “Curse of Knowledge.” A basic problem in communication is that when you know something, it’s difficult to imagine what it’s like to not know it. In this exercise, one person taps or claps out the rhythm of a song to a partner who tries to identify it. It’s very difficult for most people to guess the song based on just the rhythm, but the surprising part is that if you’re the person doing the tapping, it seems so easy! You can hear the song in your head, and it’s hard to remember that the other person can’t hear it, too, or how useless the series of taps are when separated from the tune.

This was taken from the book Made to Stick : Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath, an interesting, entertaining book that’s great reading for anyone who deals with communication issues…which is all of us.

Songtapper — Try tapping out tunes on your keyboard and see if Songtapper can correctly identify them!

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