Image Gallery

It’s easy to create a basic image gallery like the one on this page. It’s an easy way to showcase a group of photographs of a library event, a collection of historical images, or other set of images.

  • Select the group of images for your gallery. A group of images of similar size and style work best for galleries. Put the images in a folder on your desktop (or anywhere else where you’ll be able to find them!)
  • Create a new post or page, and add any text you want to appear above the gallery. Hit Enter twice to give yourself a blank line before the gallery.
  • Click on the Add Image icon above the edit box. Click on the Select Files button, and browse to your folder of images, and select and upload the first file. Fill in the Title, Alt, Caption and Description, scroll down and click on Save All Changes.
  • Click on the From Computer tab, click on Select Files, and upload the second file. Repeat until all of your images have been uploaded. Be sure to fill in the Title, Alt, Caption and Description for each.
  • Click on the Gallery tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the box to set the gallery options:
    • Link thumbnails to
      • Image File: When people click on the small image, the full size image file will be displayed
      • Attachment Page: When people click on the small image, a larger version will be shown within its own WordPress page
    • Order images by
      • Menu order: Display images in the same order as they appear in the Media interface. You can change the order of the images using the Order box. Insert a number next for each image, then select “Save all changes”. The images will be re-arranged into your preferred menu order.
      • Title: Order by image title.
      • Date/Time: Order by upload time.
      • Random: Random order.
    • Order
      • Ascending: From A – Z or 1 – 9
      • Descending: From Z – A or 9 – 1
    • Gallery columns
      • How images do you want in each gallery row?
        To display 4 images in a row, enter “4”. However, bear in mind that your design may not accommodate that many images in a line and that you may have to try again if the gallery fit in the space
    • Select Insert Gallery. Save and preview your post or page.

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