Make Your Own Trading Cards

Teacher Karen Bosch has an interesting post about how her students made their own National Park Trading Cards using the online Trading Card Maker. Looks like a nice project, a good way to teach the kids to gather and organize information into a concise, defined structure. The trading card format makes it easy to use them as flash cards to study and use to test each other, and they could also look good pinned up on a map or bulletin board.

Whipple HouseThis trading card toy could also work well for library projects. Students, staff or volunteers could make trading cards with photographs of various landmarks and historic places in the community. They could go out and take photographs of each site, or they could search online on Flickr and other sites for photographs. (Be sure to respect the photographers’ copyright and only use photographs with an appropriate license.) These trading cards could be printed out, or used on websites. The trading card at the left is an example of a card using a photograph of a historic house.
[See the Full Size Trading Card | See the Photograph on Flickr]

House of the Seven Gables (Trading Card Example)This would also work nicely with old photographs, either scanned by the library and found on Flickr or other sites.

The example on the left uses a photograph by Leon H. Abdalian that the Boston Public Library has shared on Flickr.
[See the Full Size Trading Card | See the Photograph on Flickr]

This tool can be used with photographs on Flickr, but you can also upload a picture from your computer, and the resulting card can be uploaded directly to Flickr, or saved to your computer. The Trading Card Maker is a service of Big Huge Labs, home of fd’s Flickr Toys, a collection of fun and useful tools for transforming photographs on or off Flickr.

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