Posting a NextReads Newsletter on Your Facebook Page

NOBLE subscribes to the NextReads newsletter service, and users can subscribe to receive booklists on a variety of topics by e-mail or read them through our NextReads archive. You can also post these on your library Facebook page, which will put them in the newsfeed for people who like your page, where people can take a look at ones they are interested in without the commitment of a subscription.

To link to these, go to the current issue of the newsletter from the archive, copy the URL, and paste it into the post box on your library page.

Your new post will look like this:

Posting a NextReads Newsletter to Facebook (1)

That doesn’t look very good, but we can improve it by removing the URL, replacing the URL that displays as the title with the actual title of the newsletter, and adding a description. We could also add a message, but I think the title and description are enough for this one, so I’m not going to.

(For more information on editing Facebook links, see Adding a Link to Your Facebook Page)

Now our post looks like this:

Posting a NextReads Newsletter to Facebook (2)

Click Post to make this public.

Here’s our finished post:

Posting a NextReads Newsletter to Facebook (3)


  • 2013 NextReads Newsletter Calendar [PDF] — This is the official publication schedule for the NextReads newsletters
  • Be sure to copy the URL from our NextReads archive. Don’t subscribe and then use the HTML link in the newsletter footer — it has your e-mail address embedded in it.

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