Posting a Catalog Search Link on Your Facebook Page

Sometimes it’s handy to be able to post a catalog search link to your library page. Clicking on the link will take people directly to current search results in the catalog. In NOBLE’s Evergreen catalog, you can perform any sort of search, including advanced searches with limiters, and just copy and paste the URL from the search results page as a persistent link. It’s worth taking time to work out a perfect search, including limiters and the best scope for your purposes. (In this case, I am using a subject search on Heart Diseases Diet Therapy, limited to Books and English, sorted by Date with the newest first, and with the “More Details” view of the Search Results screen.)

Once you have the right link, you have the same options as when you post any other type of link. (See Adding a Link to Your Facebook Page for details.)

Here’s what the post looks like when you copy and paste in the link:

Adding a Catalog Search to Facebook (1)
As you can see, it’s displaying the whole long complicated URL, the title is OK, and there’s no description. I replaced the URL with a message, modified the title, added a description and chose a different cover image.

Now my post looks like this:

Adding a Catalog Search to Facebook (2)

Looks much better! Click Post.

Here’s what it looks like in the Timeline on our page:

Adding a Catalog Search to Facebook (3)

Note: This example uses NOBLE’s Evergreen Catalog as an example, but the same thing should work with any catalog as long as it produces persistent search links.

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