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Yesterday I participated in the Digital Library Conference & Vendor Fair at Holy Cross, an event that celebrated the official launch of the Digital Commonwealth. The Digital Commonwealth is a portal providing access to the digital repositories of libraries and other cultural institutions around the state, soon to include NOBLE. The conference was a great success, with a diverse and enthusiastic group of participants.

Digital Library Conference and Vendor FairThe program featured keynote presentations by Mary Minow on copyright and Marshall Keys on the Digital Commonwealth and Library 2.0, and eleven break-out sessions on a various aspects of digital libraries.

The presentations and handouts are all available on the conference website:
Digital Library Conference & Vendor Fair

My presentation was called The Future of the Past : Digital Libraries in the Age of Social Software, and it was a chance to look beyond the world of digital libraries and archives to see how the Web 2.0 culture of particpation and sharing are shaping the expectations of people approaching our sites.

In the spirit of which, of course, I put my presentation on SlideShare:

And here’s a list of just the links:

Commercial Sites

  • CardCow — See my blog posting on this site
  • Francis Frith — This company sells maps, books and prints of the cities and town in the UK and Ireland, and encourage people to add comments and share their memories.



Contribution Projects


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