Sir Chentung Liang Cheng

Name Variations: LIANG, Pl YUK
Liang, Pe Yuk, Leong Shung, Sir Chentung Liang Cheng

From: Whampoa
Attended Phillips Academy 1878-1881
Department: Classical
Dorm: Lived with a Chinese roommate (Yuk Lin Lin ’81 ?) in Mccurdy House
Graduated: Left, course incomplete because mission was recalled to China
Class: 1882
College: Amherst LLD 1903; Yale 1906
Profession: Diplomatic Service
Gender: Male
Born: October 2, 1867
Died: February 10, 1918

Sir Chentung Liang Cheng, class of 1882

Came to the US at age 12 in 1875 with the last Chinese Educational Mission group. He left the United States in 1881 when the Mission was recalled. Arrived in Tientsin in the fall of 1881 and was told to enter the naval school there. He felt it was useless and received permission to go home until the next spring. Went to Nanking in the spring of 1882, his elder brother being the Secretary of the Treasury of that province.

August 1886: was private secretary to the Chinese minister in Washington DC
He was the speaker at the 1903 Commencement at Phillips Academy (see “Youth from Every Quarter” by Allis) Was knighted as an Honorary Knight Commander of Michael and George at Queen Victoria’s
Diamond Jubilee in 1897- first Chinese to be knighted
First Secretary to Prince Chun
Chinese Minister to US 1903-1907
Chinese Minister to Berlin 1907 – ?
In 1909 he became an Honorary Knight Commander of the Victorian Order while in London as a member of the Chinese Privy Council and of a Chinese Naval Commission in England.