Links to Existing Calendars
Name Description Administer
Group: bhc
bhc Bunker Hill Library
Group: dan
dan_vacations Who is off at the PIL-Danvers
danvers Staff Calendar
danvers_events Public Calendar
danversref Programs Calendar
Group: eve
everett_events Parlin Events
shute_events Shute Events
Group: glo
Gloucester Gloucester Calendar
Group: lfd
lynnfield Lynnfield
lynnfield_adults Lynnfield Adults Calendar
lynnfield_childrens Lynnfield Youth Services Calendar
lynnfield_staff Lynnfield Publicity Calendar
lynnfield_test Lynnfield Test Calendar
Group: lyn
lynn Lynn Main
lynn_child Lynn Childrens & YA
Group: mar
mar_meeting Staff Abbot Public Library Conference and Meeting Room Bookings
mar_meeting_aplweb Online Abbot Public Library Conference and Meeting Room Bookings
Group: mer
Merrimack Merrimack
merrimack_reservation Merrimack Reservation
merrimack_staff Merrimack Staff
Group: nec
neccbi NECC Bibliograph Instruction
Group: noble
daysclosed Calendar of Days Closed
Default The Default Calendar
egtrainers Evergreen Trainers Calendar
sis Staff Information System
Group: ssc
ssc Salem State
ssc2 Salem State
ssu3 Salem State Large Instructional Lab - New Library
Group: swa
swa_childrens Childrens Room
swa_events Events
swa_reference Swampscott Reference
Group: wak
Wak_events Wakefield Events
wak_staff Wakefield Staff
wakefield Wakefield
Group: wth
winthrop Winthrop Library
wth_staff Winthrop Staff Calendar

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