Joyful Families

  • Cherry, Matthew A.
    Hair love
    Summary:A little girl’s daddy steps in to help her arrange her curly, coiling, wild hair into styles that allow her to be her natural, beautiful self.

  • Brown-Wood, JaNay
    Grandma’s tiny house : a counting story
    Summary:In rhyming text, when the whole family and guests show up for the big dinner at Grandma’s house, it becomes clear that the house is much too small to hold them all.

  • Mora, Oge
    Summary:When all of their special Saturday plans go awry, Ava and her mother still find a way to appreciate one another and their time together.

  • Redd, Nancy Amanda
    Bedtime bonnet
    Summary:As family members braid, brush, twirl, roll, and tighten their hair before bedtime, putting on kerchiefs, wave caps, and other protective items, the little sister cannot find her bonnet.

  • Van Camp, Richard
    We sang you home
    Summary:This celebration of the bond between parent and child captures the wonder new parents feel as they welcome their new baby.

  • Zhang, Kat
    Amy Wu and the perfect bao
    Summary:Amy is determined to make a perfect dumpling like her parents and grandmother do, but hers are always too empty, too full, or not pinched together properly.

  • Tahe, Rose Ann
    First laugh : welcome, baby!
    Summary:A Navajo family welcomes a new baby into the family with love and ceremony, eagerly waiting for that special laugh. Includes brief description of birth customs in different cultures.

  • Union, Gabrielle
    Welcome to the party
    Summary:"Inspired by the eagerly awaited birth of her daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade, … author and … actress Gabrielle Union pens a festive and universal love letter from parents to little ones, [meant to welcome] a baby to the party of life"–Publisher marketing.

  • Zachariah, Abdul-Razak
    The night is yours
    Summary:From a vantage point high in their apartment, a parent narrates as Amani plays hide-and-seek at night with her friends in the neighborhood.