Joe Biden, President-Elect

  • Osnos, Evan
    Joe Biden : the life, the run, and what matters now
    Summary:A portrayal of Joe Biden’s long and eventful career in the Senate, his eight years as Obama’s vice president, his sojourn in the political wilderness after being passed over for Hillary Clinton in 2016, his decision to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency, and his choice of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

  • Wilser, Jeff
    The book of Joe : the life, wit, and (sometimes accidental) wisdom of Joe Biden
    Summary:Structured around key moments in Biden’s life and career–and filled with Biden-isms like "That’s a bunch of malarkey" and "I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid"–this blend of biography, advice, and humor will reveal the experiences that forged Joe Biden, and the lessons we can use in our own lives. Along the way, readers will also encounter fun sidebars on his love of muscle cars, his most endearing gaffes, his bromance with President Obama, and much more. The aviators. The Amtrak. The ice cream cones. The memes. Few politicians are as iconic, or as beloved, as Joe Biden. Now, in The Book of Joe, Biden fans will finally have the definitive look at America’s favorite vice president–and what he can teach us.

  • Biden, Joseph R.
    Promise me Dad : a year of hope, hardship, and purpose
    Summary:The former vice-president of the United States chronicles the difficult final year of his son’s battle with cancer, his efforts to balance his responsibilities to the country and his family, and the lessons he learned.

  • Biden, Jill
    Where the light enters : building a family, discovering myself
    Summary:An intimate look at the love that built the Biden family and the delicate balancing act of the woman at its center.

  • Biden, Jill.
    Joey : the story of Joe Biden
    Summary:The wife of former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden recounts his childhood in Scranton, Pennsylvania, his perseverance and leadership from his earliest years, his struggles to overcome stuttering, his relationships with his family, and his political career.

  • Witcover, Jules.
    Joe Biden : a life of trial and redemption
    Summary:In the first definitive biography of Vice President Joe Biden, journalist Jules Witcover examines the life of a man who, with his tenacity, outspokenness, and charming smile, has shaped Washington politics for the past forty years and who now serves as the 47th vice president of the United States. Raised in working-class towns, with lackluster grades in school and no particular goals, Biden shocked the nation in 1972 when he became one of the youngest elected senators in U.S. history. From that point forward, he carved a legacy for himself as one of the most respected legislators in the country. Yet for all of Biden’s achievements, his life has been filled with tragedy and countless challenges. Drawing on numerous exclusive interviews, Witcover has gone beyond conventional biography to track the forces that have shaped a man who, with his plainspoken style and inspiring life story, has resonated with millions of Americans.–From publisher description.