Labor Day

Labor Day is a federal holiday, observed on the first Monday in September. It celebrates the role of the American worker. For many people, this three-day weekend also marks the end of the summer season, even though summer doesn’t officially end until a few weeks later. This year Labor Day falls on September 5th.

  • The Origins of Labor Day — From PBS NewsHour
  • Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day — From the How Stuff Works website
  • Labor Day — The origins of the holiday that celebrates the successes of the labor movement. Includes labor leaders and history, with images and video, from the History Channel.
  • Labor Sings — A collection of classic labor songs, including lyrics and audio files from the Labor Arts Website. Some songs were recorded by the Almanac Singers, founded in 1941 by Pete Seeger, Lee Hayes and Millard Lampell. Have a listen!
  • U.S. Labor And Industrial History World Wide Web Audio Archive — A collection of sound files from the Department of History University at Albany, State University of New York

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