“When I got the music…

…I got a place to go” – From “Radio” by Rancid

This is a page of music links and we want it to be the best. Please suggest other websites to the Young Adult Librarian on your next visit to the library. I have my favorite bands – old school groups like Clash, Gang of 4, Rancid, Frank Black, Rage Against the Machine – but I try to listen to new music, too. Some of my current favorites include The Future of the Left, Ty Segal, McClusky, LP, Jeff the Brotherhood, Arcade Fire, The Wavves, Best Coast, The Thermals, Immortal Technique, Saul Williams, Jay Reatard, Battles, Girl Talk…and many others. I’m sure you have your favorites, too. But listen to one new band every month for all of your life!

SATURDAY JUNE 28th 2014 4:00pm – 9:00pm Swampscott Public Library Beach Show @ Fisherman’s Beach
Check out the photos from the June 28 2014 Beach Show:
Beach Show 2014

Thanks to all the musicians who played at the 12th Annual Swampscott Public Library Local Teen Band Concert at Fisherman’s Beach, also known as the Beach Show.

SATURDAY JUNE 22nd 2013 4:00pm – 9:00pm Swampscott Public Library Beach Show @ Fisherman’s Beach


PHOTOS FROM THE 2013 Swampscott Library 11th Annual Beach Show:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/swampscottpubliclibrary/sets/72157634305196300/2013 Swampscott Library Beach Show

Thank you to the bands that played on Jun 22, 2013 – what perfect weather we had! Bands: Uncle John’s Band (special reunion show), Tyler Pedersen Trio, The Undefeated Losers, Dark Tones, Cannon Hills, Jonathan Perlstein, Dork, The Cranks, and Erich Yaeger and Friends. Thank you to Jonathan for the youtube video to publicize the show. And thanks to Kevin Breen and the Fire Department, Gino Cresta and the DPW, and the Police Department for all their help.


SATURDAY, JUNE 23rd 4:00pm TEN YEARS AFTER: Swampscott Library Beach show

Photos from 10 Years After: Swampscott Library Beach Show 2012

Nobody is sadder than I am about the rainstorm. I’ve put a link to the photos I did manage to get before the deluge. Thank you to everyone for coming out to the show–next year, SUN!!

On Saturday, June 23rd there will be a concert of local teen bands from 4:00pm to 9:00pm. The teen concert, TEN YEARS AFTER will be held at Fisherman’s Beach near the Fish House. Be sure and come to hear your favorite local bands.

Fault and the Fidler June 26, 2010 Concert

Fault and the Fidler 2010 Concert

NEWEST WAVE: 2011 Beach Show

Flickr photos from concert
I’ve posted the photos from Saturday’s concert. Will link to news stories later today.


Thank you to all the bands who played at the Swampscott Public local teen band concert called It Came From the Sea! on Saturday, June 26th 4-9pm at Fisherman’s Beach in Swampscott. The bands who played: The Dirty Apples, The Informers, Angus in Drag, Orakular, The Scouflaws, WNFB, Urban Rangers, This Day in History, Fault & the Fidler, and Squad Room Antics. Flickr photos from the concert
and The Scouflaws and Swampscott Reporter article about the concert

Exit Left @ 2009 Swampscott Library Beach Show

Exit Left @ 2009 Swampscott Library Beach Show

Unshelved 5/11/09 Yes, another look at how librarians see teenagers…