Cataloging Department

Salem State University Library

Cataloging Department

Cataloging's mission is to catalog and classify all media in the Library's collections. Newly purchased items and donated items are cataloged using the Library of Congress classification system and AACRII cataloging rules of description. Printed works, non-print media (cassettes, videos and film), CD-ROMS, microforms, and serials are treated. Cataloging, processing, barcoding, repairing of books, and mylar covering of new paperbacks are done in-house, while bindery work for rebinds, damaged items and large volumes are done out-of-house at a commercial bindery.

Salem State catalogs everything on OCLC and on the NOBLE Innovative Interfaces (III) Catalog. All newly cataloged and recataloged items are available online the day after cataloging is finished.

A second aspect of Cataloging's work is maintaining SSC records in the NOBLE Catalog. All newly cataloged and reclassified items are entered in the the NOBLE Catalog. The shelflist is maintained and retrospective conversion of the library's holding is carried out.

The final aspect of Cataloging's mission is to do day-to-day maintenance of all books, such as relabeling, putting in new barcodes, adding volumes thought to be lost, and correcting errors in the OPAC.