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Video Clips from the Panel Discussion April 5, 1973:

Andrew Latham discusses Kerouac's influence on Truman Capote, one of his greatest detractors.

Allen Ginsberg describes his feelings upon seeing Kerouac in his coffin.

Ginsberg discusses his interview in Gay Sunshine magazine in which he revealed his homosexual encounters with Kerouac.

John Clellon Holmes discusses his feelings about Kerouac and Kerouac's influence on him.

Ginsberg discusses a section from On the Road which was read by Professor Charles Jarvis.

Ginsberg discusses Kerouac's last meeting with Neal Cassady in June of 1964 in New York City.

Latham, Ginsberg, and Corso discuss the legend of Kerouac's "teletype" writing technique.

Charles Jarvis discusses Kerouac talking about his brother Gerard in a September 1962 interview with himself and Jim Curtis on WCAP in Lowell.

Audio Clips From the Poetry Reading April 4, 1973:

Ginsberg reads "Memory Gardens," a tribute to Kerouac he wrote on the way to Kerouac's funeral in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1969.
Ginsberg reads his poem "Dream Record: June 8th, 1955."
Ginsberg reads Kerouac's "Scripture of the Golden Eternity, number 64."

Gregory Corso reads his poem "The Mad Yak."