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  • ...cares for 22 historic houses, some of them are on the National Register of Historic Places. Historic Houses list:
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  • [[Category:Historic Houses]]
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  • ...of eighteenth- and nineteenth century buildings in the United States. The houses include examples of Georgian, Greek Revival and Colonial Revival architectu ...vate organization.The walking trail encompasses an area with more than 300 historic structures, covers a little over a mile and takes about 45 minutes to compl
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  • ...resent day "Christmas in Salem" tour put on by the non-profit organization Historic Salem, Inc. They took over the organization of this popular Christmas Tour Silken skirts and open houses] Streets of Salem blog
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  • ...constitutes is own national historic district on The National Register of Historic Places. ...l Historic Places, the highest designation the federal government gives to historic properties.
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  • The site was saved by a partnership between the Salem Maritime National Historic Site led by Peter LaChapelle and Davis Goss of the House of the Seven Gable Pioneer Village] Thatched Houses: Pillories and Stocks - Photo courtesy of Boston Public Library
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  • "This necessitated the razing of the historic bridge that was the site of Leslie's Retreat in 1775 and the taking of 43 b ...eets on the eastern side of North Street. During the construction all four houses on the tiny way were bulldozed and the street itself ceased to exist.
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  • ...d out in 1796, it took on its present form from 1800-1840 when most of its houses were built. ...Historic District]] and the entire street is on the ''National Register of Historic Places''.
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  • ...istoric preservation, the Essex Institute acquired many important historic houses and made them fit for historical interpretation. Prof. Frederick Ward Putna ...arge libraries with over 400,000 books, manuscripts, and documents; and 22 historic buildings. Today‚Äôs collection has grown to include approximately 1 millio
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  • ...s a non-profit house museum dedicated to promoting an understanding of the historic past as a means of enriching the present. ...llips' extensive travel to Fiji and Africa. The carriage house in the rear houses antique carriages and cars. The home reflects five generations of the Phill
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  • register. The Crombie Street National Register District contains seven houses all on Crombie Street. "Neighbors hope to save neglected historic home" ''Salem Evening News'', Jan. 19, 2001, p. A1
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  • Her interest lay mostly in the preservation of historic houses in Salem and Essex County. She took exterior and interior photos of homes. *[ Historic Homes of New England] by Mary H. Northend, 1914
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  • Shetland Park; and the housing court. The nearby former Baptist Church houses the [[Essex Law Library]]. The complex is named for the late state represen ...ccess points to Federal Street was removed and traffic reconfigured. Three houses on Federal St. (#58,60 and 62 Federal, were razed in order to make room for
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  • "At the southern edge of the McIntire Historic District lies a mini-neighborhood of semi-detached ...hitect and the private Phillips Trust owned the property. Walker built the houses using Portland cement.
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  • ...cares for 22 historic houses, some of them are on the National Register of Historic Places. Historic Houses list:
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  • the most important historic properties in the Boston area including the Dorothy Quincy House in Quincy, as as architect of new Colonial Revival houses and played a role in saving historic buildings from destruction.
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