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*[http://www.salemwitchmuseum.com/ Salem Witch Museum] Museum website
*[http://www.salemwitchmuseum.com/ Salem Witch Museum] Museum website
*[http://innopac.noblenet.org/record=b1356094~S24 Architecture in Salem] by Tolles, p. 13-4
*[http://evergreen.noblenet.org/eg/opac/record/1356094?locg=63 Architecture in Salem] by Tolles, p. 13-4
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[[Category:Browse Index]]

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  • Salem Witch Museum is located at 19 1/2 Washington Square, Salem.

The Museum transports you back into time to the summer of 1692, during the witchcraft hysteria. The museum uses stage sets to illuminate the Salem Witch trials of 1692 and other horrific events.

  • The museum is dedicated to bringing the larger issue of persecution and 'scapegoating'

of all innocents to light through its exhibits.

  • The Salem Witch Museum was started in 1972 by Holly and Tom Mulvihill. Local businessman Biff Michaud

assumed the management of the museum in 1980.

  • The museum undertook a renovation project in 2010, preserving the exterior of this gothic revival structure made of brownstone and brick.
  • The building at 19 1/2 Washington Sq. North at Brown Street, a Gothic Revival structure, was built between 1844-1846 for the East Church (organized 1718), the oldest branch of the First Church of Salem. Serious fires damaged the building in 1902 and in 1969 (It housed the Salem Auto Museum from 1959-69), but since 1972, with its interior entirely rebuilt, it has been home to the Salem Witch Museum.

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