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Built in 1952 on 65 acres of waterfront land, the Salem Power Plant (Salem Harbor Station) employed about 150 people and

provided electricity to about 750,000 homes a year through mostly burning coal.

In 2008, they were paying about $4.75 million in taxes and other revenue to the city of Salem.

On Nov. 6, 2007, three men were badly burned when a rupture on coal Boiler No. 3 led to a burst of 600 degree steam directly at the men. The men died later at a Boston hospital from their burns.

The state shut down the plant for several months and OSHA found 10 violations at the plant and fined Dominion $46,800.

In 2004, the state ordered the plants then-owner USGen New England to invest in infrastructure equipment to reduce emissions.

Two environmental groups opposing the power plant over the years were HealthLink and

The coal fired plant was closed in 2014, making way for a new cleaner energy in gas. Footprint Power purchased the plant with plans to clean it up the land and open a new plant by 2017.

When the new plant is completed, there will be a remaining portion of the site, including a 25 acre waterfront that will be redeveloped at a later time, likely for commercial and/or industrial use.

Footprint began generating electricity on May 31, 2018.

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