Salem Power Plant

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Built in 1952 on 65 acres of waterfront land, the Salem Power Plant (Salem Harbor Station) employed about 150 people and

provided electricity to about 750,000 homes a year through mostly burning coal.

In 2008, they were paying about $4.75 million in taxes and other revenue to the city of Salem.

On Nov. 6, 2007, three men were badly burned when a rupture on coal Boiler No. 3 led to a burst of 600 degree steam directly at the men.

The state shut down the plant for several months and OSHA found 10 violations at the plant and fined Dominion $46,800. Dominion reopened in the spring.

In 2004, the state ordered the plants then-owner USGen New England to invest in infrastructure equipment to reduce emissions. The plant was sold to Dominion soon after.

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