Salem Oil and Grease Company

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Two men started the business of Salem Oil and Grease in 1909 with one product, stuffing grease.

Arthur Rowbotham and Harold T. Smith started the company together. Arthur started learning the belting business from the ground up. He went to work in the tannery cellar to learn the currying process, where he learned about "stuffing compounds" for leather.

They moved to their new factory at 60 Grove Street in 1912.Harold W. Pierce joined the company in 1912 and John J. Dooley in 1926.

Dominic Meo joined the company in 1929. He later became V.P. of Production and developed the factories in South and Central America.

After an illness of several months, Harold T. N. Smith died in 1947. He was president of the company from 1913-1947.

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50 Years in Blubber Hollow with Salem Oil & Grease Co. by Francis J. Lynch, 1960.