Remond, Charles Lenox

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Charles Lenox Remond,(1810-1873) a black abolitionist, was born in Salem, son of John and Nancy Remond. He was a gifted orator, making frequent speeches at anti-slavery meetings. Appointed agent of Mass. Anti-slavery society in 1838, and delegate to represent Am. Anti-Slavery Soc. in England, 1840. Recruiting officer for the 54th Mass. Infantry, with the first regiment of colored troops to be sent into action from the Northern states in the Civil War.

Remond helped encourage women like his sister, Sarah Parker Remond and Charlotte Forten in their work as activists. He remained close to William Lloyd Garrison throughout his career and favored the participation of women in the abolitionist movement. Toward the end of his life, he served as a clerk in the Boston Custom House.

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