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Michaud Bus Lines was owned and operated starting in 1914 by three generations of the Michaud family. The Salem based company was headquartered at 61 Jefferson Avenue. In 1980, the company became affiliated with Trailways. At the height of their business, they operated 40 motorcoaches, 55 transits, and 440 school buses.

By 1995, they had gotten out of the school bus business completely, selling some of their fleet to Laidlaw.

Eudger J. (Mike) Michaud started the company in 1914 and was president until 1942. J. Alex Michaud served as the second president from 1948-1980.

J. Alex (Jay) Michaud III was named the third company president.

Some of Alex's sons got into the business as well; Jay, Spike, Biff and Gig.

In 1915, Eudger "Mike" Michaud started the bus run in the Castle Hill area with a "Jitney." This vehicle was constructed by Amesbury Body Works; a Model T Ford with a Beverly Body of varnished wood, open construction, wide running boards and hard transverse seats. His bus service ran between Salem's Castle Hill and Downtown Salem along Jefferson Avenue. Castle Hill was a remote area without public transportation. Fare was five cents at the time.

"Spike" Michaud now runs a business in bus appraisals.

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