Harrington, Michael J.

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Michael J. Harrington (1936- ) was on Salem City Council from 1960-63, then in the State House of Representative,from 1964-1969,

then U.S. Congress from 1970-78.

Michael was educated in the parochial schools of Salem, then went to St. John's Prep, played baseball and excelled in his studies. He next

went to Harvard, then Harvard Law School. He started a private law practice in Salem in 1962. He also earned a master's degree in public

administration at Harvard's Littauer School (later becoming the Kennedy School of Government).

While on Capitol Hill, he used his power to see that Salem received federal funds to finance a revitalized downtown and waterfront.

He was the driving force behind the creation of "Salem Partnership".

Mike Harrington left Congress in 1978 at age forty-two. He returned to his private practice in Salem. He became a real estate developer

and part owner of Hawthorne Hotel.

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