Grace Church

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Grace Church, formed in 1858, is located on 385 Essex Street.

At a meeting at St. Peter's Church (Episcopal) in 1848, the possibility of a second Episcopal church was discussed. By 1858 it had become a reality and the cornerstone was laid that October.

The first rector was the Rev. George Leeds.

In 1924, as the need of a new building arose (replacing the wooden structure) the decision was made to erect a new church building in the Gothic style. Architects Philip Horton Smith and Edgar Walker of Salem designed it. It contains four stained-glass windows from the original structure, including two by Tiffany. The Parish house is next door.

The Rev. Deborah Phillips was installed Nov. 20, 1997. She succeeds the Rev. Steven Crowson, who had left in 1995, after 16 years with Grace Church.

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