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Patrick S. Gilmore (December 25, 1829 – September 24, 1892) was a composer and band leader. Born in Ireland on Dec. 26, 1829, Patrick Gilmore came to America in 1849. His first leadership role was with the Charlestown Band, then the Suffolk Band and the Boston Brigade Band. He was a cornet soloist and band leader.

In 1855, the leader of the Salem Brass Band, Jerome Smith, hand-picked Gilmore to take his place when his health deteriorated. Under Gilmore's leadership, the band achieved renown for musical excellence and under his savvy promotional hand, they even played for the presidential inauguration of James Buchanan in 1857.

One large event that Gilmore was involved in was a three day muster on Winter Island with 39 state companies in attendance under General Sutton. This was on Aug. 24 -26th of 1853 according to Jim Dalton in his Gazette article. It involved cavalry, artillery and infantry companies along with their bands.

During his last year in Salem, he met and married his wife Ellen O'Neill, from Lowell, who was an organist and choir director.

In 1859,he moved to Boston and continued his illustrious career as band-leader and promoter. He became famous with his band, Gilmore's Band which played from the 1860's to 1893.

In 1864, Gilmore organized a monster concert in Louisiana with a five-hundred member band, six thousand singers in the chorus, fifty cannons and forty anvil-striking soldiers. Later, he produced the National Peace Jubilee and Great Musical Festival which demanded he build a three and a-half acre Coliseum to fit all the musicians. It was a great success.

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