French Canadian Genealogy Sources

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Salem Public Library has a collection of journals about French Canadian Genealogy, due to the large influx of

French Canadians to the city of Salem to work in the textile mills and the leather industry. These are stored in boxes in the

Salem Collection Room.

Le Forum

This is published by the University of Maine Orono which also has a Franco American Centre.

It is published quarterly. We own a mostly complete set from 2008 to present.


La Revue de Salem

This is the journal of the Franco-American Institute of Salem, Inc.

It is published 3 times a year, April, August and December


President is Michel Michaud

The group meets at 40 Nahant Street, Lynn on May 24 and Sept. 27.

Je Me Souviens

This is published by the American-French Genealogical Society of Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

It is published quarterly.

We own from 1984- 2000. (mostly complete)

Address: Post Office Box 2113 , Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02861