Foley, Daniel J.

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Daniel Foley (1913-1999) Landscape architect and horticulturist, and well known as a lecturer. He wrote approximately books on gardening and many articles for leading gardening magazines and even conducted his own radio program. A graduate of University of Massachusetts, where he also pursued graduate studies, he was closely associated with Dr. J. Horace McFarland of Breeze Hill Test Gardens at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was also an editor of Horticulture magazine. He was born and lived in Salem most of his life.

According to McAllister, "By the time he was 25, Foley had published a book of his own. "Garden Flowers in Color" would be followed by more than two dozen other works, including "Gardening for Beginners" and his popular "Gardening by the Sea." Other Foley book topics would include landscape architecture, American folk art, and Christmas and Easter customs around the world."

One volume he worked on when he was at U. Mass. Amherst in their Department of Landscape Architecture was a volume called "Herbs" and their properties and their lore.

Foley was head gardener at the House of Seven Gables gardens in the 1960's and renovated them to perfection, using period plants and improving the structure of the gardens. He worked there for more than 30 years. In Sept. of 2000, the House of Seven Gables dedicated the garden to be "The Dan Foley Memorial Garden"

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