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The following is a list of novels, or fiction books set in Salem.

Brunonia Barry The Lace Reader (2009) and The Map of True Places (2010)

Robert Booth Death of an Empire (2011)

Megan Chance Suzannah Morrow (20020

Maryse Conde I, Tituba, Black witch of Salem (1992)

Robin Cook Acceptable Risk (1994)

Richard F. Curran Salem Three Hundred (1992)

Rose Earhart The Diary of Dorcas Good: Child Witch of Salem (1998) and Salem Ghosts (1998)

Esther Forbes A mirror for witches (c1928, 2008)

Jean Fritz Early thunder (1967)

Marjory Hall The April Ghost (1975)

Nathaniel Hawthorne The House of the Seven Gables (1851)

Katharine Howe The Physick book of Deliverance Dane (2009)

Kathleen Kent The Heretic's Daughter (2009)

Matthew J. Konevich The Rousseau House: A Novel (2002)

Kathryn Lasky Beyond the Burning Time (1994)

Mildred I. Reid Devil's Handmaidens (1951)

Anna Myers Time of the Witches (2009)

Francis Patrick Theriault Michael's Way (2005)

Harold Putnam The Slave Trader's Wife, 1627-1666 (2003)

Harold Putnam Salem Lady: a Fictional Historical Account of the Settling of Salem in 1626 (2001)

Jean Lee Latham Carry On, Mr. Bowditch (1955)

Kathryn Wesley Salem Witch Trials (2002)

Margaret Press Elegy for a Thief: a Detective Sergeant Gabriel Dunn mystery (1993)

Ann Lane Petry Tituba of Salem Village (c1964)

Ann Rinaldi A Break with Charity: a Story of the Salem Witch Trials (1992)

John Jennings The Salem Frigate, A Novel (1946)

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