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[[Category:Browse Index]]
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[http://www.salem.com/Pages/SalemMA_Veteran/squares?textPage=1 Veteran Squares] Salem City website

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The city clerk and staff has compiled a list of city squares that were named for Salem residents.

  • The intersection of St. Peter St., Brown St. and Church St. is named Skinner Square, not East Indian Square, named for Fred Skinner.
  • The intersection of Jefferson Ave., Lawrence St. and Story St. is MarcAurelle Square, named for Noel MarcAurelle.
  • The junction of Jefferson Ave. and Margin and Summer Streets is Little Square, named for Norman A. Little.
  • The junction of Grove, Goodhue and Beaver Streets is Sands Square, named in honor of Maurice C. Sands.
  • The junction of Buffum and School Streets is Wilkins Square, honoring Charles A. Wilkins. Charles Wilkins died in World War I and lived at 23 Barr Street.
  • The intersection of North and Bridge Streets is Buckley Square in honor of John J. Buckley.
  • The junction of Ocean Ave., Canal Street and Pacific Streets is Joly Square, in honor of Fred Joly.