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Charter Street Cemetery This is the oldest burying ground in Salem, and was occupied before 1637. see Charter Street Burial Ground

Broad Street Cemetery This cemetery was commenced about 1655.

Howard Street Cemetery This cemetery was commenced about 1801. see Howard Street Cemetery

Greenlawn Cemetery was originally laid out in 1807, and originally contained about two and a half acres. In 1864 about 6 acres were added to the former reservation. A soldier's lot of eight thousand feet was set apart in 1872. see Greenlawn Cemetery

Harmony Grove Cemetery, near the Peabody line, the largest and newest cemetery, is comprised of about 65 acres. It was commenced in 1840.

St. Mary's Cemetery in North Salem, or the Roman Catholic burial ground is next to St. Thomas Church on North St. It was established in 1849.

St. Peter's Church Cemetery

The Quaker Burying-ground, at 396 Essex Street, occupies a lot of land adjoining the site of an old Quaker church.