Cahill, Robert E.

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Bob (Robert) Cahill was born in Salem and had interesting and varied experiences all his life. He was a politician, an underwater diver, an author, a business-man, a public relations man, a military intelligence officer and an adventurer.

Cahill served on the City Council, as a state representative and three years as Essex County Sheriff, which he resigned from in 1978, due to heart problems.

After his retirement as sheriff, Cahill authored many books about the North Shore that range from crime and punishment to food and early settlers. He also loved stories about ghosts and sunken treasure ships. He wrote more than 40 books about local history and lore, self-published under the name, "Old Salt Box Publishing Co." as a tribute to his 200-year-old house on Felt St. in North Salem.

Cahill also was instrumental in starting the local tourist attractions, the Witch Dungeon Museum in 1970 and the New England Pirate Museum in 1994.

Cahill's last book was semi-autobiographical, titled "The Wayward Sheriffs of Witch County".

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