Bishop, Edward Jr.

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  • Edward Bishop Jr. was the step-son of Bridget Bishop (the first person hung in the Salem Witchcraft Trials.) Edward Jr. was accused of witchcraft as was his wife, Sarah.
  • Edward and Sarah had lived in Topsfield, but moved to Salem in 1690. They were accused and sent to jail in Boston. The couple broke prison in the late summer of 1692 and moved to Rehoboth (then R.I.) They were tavern keepers.
  • According to Norton "Some time between Sept. 12 and Friday Sept. 16, several more accused witches escaped from custody in Boston. Edward (Jr.) and Sarah Bishop and John Alden

broke out of jail, and Hezekiah Usher fled from house arrest to Rhode Island."

  • In May of 1709 Philip English and George Jacobs Jr. presented two petitions to the government asking for the restoration of the suspects' reputations and reimbursement of

their estates. "Edward and Sarah Bishop, now of Rehoboth, listed their prison fees and confiscated livestock" according to Roach.

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