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Bertram Field sits behind Collins Middle School (formerly the High School) on Highland Avenue in Salem. Work started June 22, 1935 on the field and it was completed for the football game Salem/Marblehead on Sept. 21, 1935. The field was part of the WPA work done in the 1930's.

The land for the field was given to the city in 1906 by Captain Bertram's family.

Electric lights were installed in 1997 under the directorship of Park and Recreation's Larry McIntire. He was able to secure a large monetary gift from Jack Welch, General Electric's CEO and Salem High alumni. They hope the lights will increase attendance to football as well as soccer, and track events.

Construction began in early July of 2013 to renovate Bertram Field. During the pre-construction tests, high level of arsenic was discovered. Contractors installed a layer of asphalt before the artificial turf went in. It raised the cost of the work and slowed down the project by a few months. The renovation also included expanding the running track and new scoreboard. The visitor's stands were removed during construction and may not be replaced. The cost of the project added up to approximately $1.9 million.

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