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This local favorite doughnut shop opened in 1964 on the corner of Webb and Essex Street. It was started by Ziggy Akatyszewski, who had worked at D'Lite Donuts in Beverly and Joyce's Snack Bar. When he found an affordable storefront, he opened his own doughnut shop.

When Ziggy passed away in 1983, his wife Alice took over and now three generations the Akatyszewski family now work there.

According to Salem Patch, Ziggy's is a true favorite of locals. Along with the homemade doughnuts, the shop also sells other baked goods, such as homemade muffins, scones and pastries to pair with its fresh-brewed coffee or tea.

John's sister, Patty Rutkowski, works behind the counter and does the books. Jennifer, Patty's daughter now works there as well. It truly is a family affair.

Ziggy's will celebrate their 50th anniversary on Nov. 1, 2114.

In October of 2013, Ziggy's opened a new store on Lowell Street in Peabody.

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