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The Towne family was one of Salem's oldest families.

The common ancestors to all the earliest Salem Townes were William (1598-1673), and Joanna Towne (nee Blessing, 1595-1675) who sailed to Salem from 17th century Great Yarmouth in England. They were settled in Salem Village by 1640.

Over time, some went north to Danvers, Topsfield and other locations. Others headed west. During the Salem Witch Trials, Mary Towne Easty and Rebecca Towne Nurse were hung for witchcraft. Sarah Towne Cloyce escaped to the Salem End neighborhood in what became Framingham.

Today, descendants of William and Joanna Towne are numbered in the thousands. They have formed a Towne Family Association, organized in 1980 by William Bradford Town of Winchester and Wakefield, Mass. and Alexandria N. (Deena) Town of Amesbury, Mass.

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