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  • This district in the heart of Salem contains one of the most significant concentrations of eighteenth- and nineteenth century buildings in the United States. The houses include examples of Georgian, Greek Revival and Colonial Revival architectural styles, but this district is best known for its many Federal-era homes designed and influenced by Samuel McIntire (1757-1811), Salem's renowned self-taught architect and woodcarver. Born in Salem, McIntire lived here all his life and is buried in the Charter St. cemetery.
  • The McIntire Historic District Walking Trail was developed by the National Park Service and the Salem Partnership, a nonprofit public-private organization.The walking trail encompasses an area with more than 300 historic structures, covers a little over a mile and takes about 45 minutes to complete.
  • Some of the more notable houses on the tour are the Ropes Mansion, The Pickering House and the Pierce-Nichols House.
  • An online walking tour of the area is hosted by the Center for the Book, under the name "Mass Book Trails". Click on the link below to see the descriptions and locations of 12 houses.

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