Ste. Chretienne Academy

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  • An all-girls catholic school, now closed, situated in South Salem.
  • The first building was built in 1936 and two more stories were added in 1948.
  • In 1914, the order bought Loring Villa in south Salem and turned it into St. Chretienne Academy. The academy ran as a boarding school until 1971.
  • The complex was sold to Salem State College in 1972 and it now serves as its South Campus.
  • Ste. Chretienne's Academy had close ties to St. Anne's Grammar and High School. The Sisters of St. Chretienne taught at St. Anne's School until 1976.
  • When the school closed, Sister Pauline Fortin, a St. Chretienne nun went on to earn an accounting degree from Salem State College.

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