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St. Thomas Church (Catholic) is on 56 Margin St. at the Peabody/Salem line. St. Mary's cemetery is adjacent to the church.

A white wooden church was the first building built for the parish, in 1927,on the Phelan farmland, which bordered St. Mary's Cemetery. The first pastor was Father Edward Fraher.

The present St. Thomas Church design is early English gothic. The exterior is light-colored brick with stone trimmings. The opening services were on Dec. 21, 1930. Later, a rectory was built that matched the church design, and in 1950, the St. Thomas Parochial school was built, then a convent for the nuns that taught at the school.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston considered closing the church in 2004, but reversed its decision. It was decided that St. Thomas will stay open, but merge with Our Lady of Fatima church of Peabody.

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