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  • St. Peter's Church (Episcopal) is located at 24 St. Peter St. at Brown and St. Peter Square.
  • The present day granite masonry Gothic Revival church replaced the first St. Peter's Church, a wooden structure built on the same site in 1733/34.
  • The church was designed in 1833 by Isaiah Rogers (1800-1969), the nationally renowned Boston architect. The original structure was enlarged in 1845/1846, and new interiors were added in 1864 and rear chapel was expanded in 1871. One story high, with a low hipped roof, the church is dominated by a square bell tower centered on the front facade. The church is largely preserved in its original state.
  • St. Peter's was founded in 1733, soon after permission was granted for religious groups other than Congregationalists to worship in the colony. The land on which the church is built was donated by Phillip English, a wealthy merchant. During the Revolutionary War years, St. Peter's was a focus for anti-British sentiment.


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