St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church

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  • St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church is located on the corner of Webb and Forrester Streets, with the front entrance at 64 Forrester St.
  • The parish received its charter in 1901 and completed the church building in 1908, initially serving leather workers from Poland and southern Russia who worked in the leather and shoe factories in Salem and Peabody. Bishop Alexander of New York City formally dedicated the church in 1910.
  • Architecturally the building is distinguished by the five onion domes (topped by patriarchal cross) on its main tower, side towers and cupolas, according to Tolles in his book, "Architecture in Salem", and is one of the finest Byzantine Revival ecclesiastical building surviving in New England.
  • In 1994, the church was put on the federal government's National Register of Historic Places.
  • For 36 years, the church was led by Rev. Vitaly Voschullo who came to Salem in 1961 from his native Belorussia. He retired in 1997.
  • The church celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2001.

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