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Bonnie Hurd Smith is a local historian, book editor, author and lecturer.

Bonnie started Hurd Smith Communications just over 20 years ago as a graphic design firm, having been trained in the Boston Museum of Science's publications office. She is a writer, historian, and communications professional. Her company also participates in design, writing, print management, public relations, community outreach, marketing, and event planning.

Her many books include one specifically highlighting important women of the past in Salem, often overlooked in favor of men's history. This book, Salem Women's History Trail started with a plan to create a walking trail of women’s history sites in Salem, Massachusetts. This resulted in a her self-guided tour book of many interesting and accomplished women of Salem.

Some of her other books include biographies and letter collections of Judith Sargent Murray of Gloucester, a inspirational collection called "We Believe in You" - Stories of Courage, Action, Faith."

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