Skate Park at Gallows Hill

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After the death of his friend Ryan Brennan from an in-line skate accident on the street, Tim Lunt vowed to build a skate park for safe skating.

As part of his Eagle Scout project, Tim Lunt designed a skate park in Gallows Hill Park on top of an old tennis court.

The skate park was named for Brennan in a formal ceremony scheduled for June 30th, his birthday.

The skate park is intended to be fun for a range of ages and skill levels for both skateboarders and in-line skates. It should appeal to young and old.

The 20 year old skate park is slated for upgrades in the spring of 2017.

According to the Salem News,"We’ve been working with the Brennan family and a skate park designer on some enhancements to that space,” Driscoll said. “Some of the equipment will be reused, some of the existing materials. ... Then it’ll be some new ramps and features, and the park will be designed in such a way to accommodate progression — so beginners will have an area, and it will get a little harder as you move through the space.”

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