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The following are dates of dedication for Salem's schools of the past:

  • Oliver School, Broad St. --- 1818

(Named after Gen. Henry K. Oliver)

  • Bentley School, Essex St. --- 1861
  • Epes Grammar School, Aborn St.
  • Cogswell School, School St. --1862 (now condominiums)
  • Bowditch School, 35 Flint St. -- 1870
  • Pickman School, School St. ---1872 (now condominiums)
  • Hacker School, Dean St. (now Flint St.) --1785 (renamed Hacker School in 1850)

(Named after Stephen C. Phillips, former mayor who donated his salary to a school building fund. Building razed in 1983.)

  • Pickering School, 181 North St. --1894 (now condominiums)
  • Prescott Primary School, Howard St. ---1872
  • Classical and High School, Highland Ave. ---1909 (now Collins Middle School)
  • Saltonstall School, Lafayette St. --- 1916 (originally on Holly Street, constructed of wood in 1874. It was originally called

the Browne School and later the Holly Street Grammar School.

  • St. Joseph School, Lafayette St. --1925 (Razed in 1982)
  • Endicott School, Boston St. -- 1930
  • Sheridan School, corner Upham & Orne St. (10 Orne St.) -- dedicated Oct. 16, 1930 (now condominiums)

(Named after Lt. Philip B. Sheridan)

  • Vocational High School, 5 Broad St. -- 1938-1953
  • Vocational High School, Highland Ave. --1953
  • Mack Industrial School, 17 Pickman St. --1906 to the late 1920's
  • Prior High Schools: Latin Grammar School -- 1637
  • English High School, 1827
  • Girl's High School - 1845 : Consolidated into Salem High School 1856
  • For entry on closed Catholic Schools, see Catholic Schools on this wiki.


Oldhighschool fr.jpg

Salem Normal School and Salem High School, Broad Street

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