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In late 2009, Salem Theatre Company opened a permanent location at 90 Lafayette Street. The space is small but big enough for a 60 seat theater.

Since its beginnings in 2002, Salem Theatre has produced 22 plays and more than 40 small productions at countless venues. Some of the past venues were: Salem Atheneum, Bates School, Old Town Hall, Griffen Theatre, and the First Church in Salem.

In addition to their theater programs, the group plans partnerships with other groups such as Rebel Shakespeare and the Salem Film Festival. They hope to have live music and at least three plays a year at the Lafayette Street location.

John Fogle is the artistic director of the theatre company. With a master's degree in film from Boston University, he has worked in film exhibition, distribution, and production. He has won the Hatch Award from the Art Directors Club of Boston, and awards in France and England.

In 2009, the theatre ran out of a small space at 90 Lafayette St.

In later years, they had a new space inside Shetland Park, but they have had to leave that space.

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