Salem Public Schools

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Salem Public Schools

Elementary Schools include:

Saltonstall School (K -8th grade), Horace Mann Lab School, Bates School, Witchcraft Heights School, Carlton Innovation School,

Bentley Academy.

Middle Schools include: Collins Middle School

High Schools include: Salem High School

Alternative Schools include: New Liberty Innovation School, Salem Prep High School

Origin of School Names: With the exception of Salem High, all of Salem's schools are named after prominent historical figures. Several schools are named after former leaders in city government. Both Bates Elementary and Collins Middle School are named for former mayors. Bates School is named after former mayor and U.S. Rep George Joseph Bates. Collins Middle School is named for Former Mayor Frances X. Collins. The building was first opened as Salem High School in 1909. It was renovated and opened as a middle school in 1994. Bentley Elementary is named for former Salem School Committee member Rev. William Bentley, a minister who lived in Salem from 1783 until his death in 1819. Carlton School is named for Oliver Carlton, who taught in Salem from 1823-56 and 1860-1867. Nathaniel Bowditch School is named for the famous navigator, astronomer and mathematician. Bowditch was called Federal Street School from 1989 to 2001, when the new school opened and changed its name to Bowditch. Horace Mann School is named for the father of American public school education, Horace Mann. Saltonstall school is named for Leverett Saltonstall. Leverett Saltonstall (June 13, 1783 – May 8, 1845), was a member of the United States House of Representatives from Massachusetts who also served as Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, President of the Massachusetts Senate, the first Mayor of Salem, Massachusetts and a Member of the Board of Overseers of Harvard College.Witchcraft Heights Elementary is named for the neighborhood in which it is located near Gallow's Hill. The school opened in 1972.

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