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Parks with Playgrounds

  • Mack Park (formerly Ledge Hill Park) began 1886. Ledge Hill Park was given to the city by the will of Esther C. Mack in 1885, confirmed by the will of her brother Dr. William Mack in 1895. (Visitor's Guide p.209)
  • Castle Hill (or Highland Park) began 1906
  • Gallows Hill Park began 1912
  • Forest River Park began 1907
  • Salem Common Park began 1928
  • High Street Playground began 1928
  • William P. Furlong Memorial Park (formerly Franklin St. Park) began 1926, name changed sometime between 1972 and 1973.

Named in memory of Bill Furlong, member of the Salem Fire Dept., veteran of the Spanish-American War as well as a favorite of the children of Salem.

  • Palmer's Cove began 1913
  • Pickman Park began 1944
  • McGlew (Robert R.) Park began 1944

Named after Corporal John Robert McGlew, a marine killed in action in W.W.II., awarded the purple heart.

  • John Splaine Memorial Park began 1944

Named in memory of John Splaine Jr. (1895-1953), a W.W.W. I Veteran.

  • Mary Jane Lee Park (corner of Prince and Palmer St.)
  • Broad Street began 1910
  • McCabe Park (named for Councilor George F. McCabe)
  • Collins Cove Park began 1976
  • Michael F. McGrath Park - Marlborough Rd. began 1947
  • Curtis Street Playground began 1968
  • DiBiase Park (named for Ugo DiBiase)
  • Gonyea Park (named for Bob Gonyea)
  • Prince Street Playground began 1980
  • General Irzyk Park began 1940

Named for Brigadier General Albin Irzyk, former tank commander in World War II. He received the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism. Behind Bentley School.

  • Juniper Point began 1949

Salem Parks and Recreation Superintendents:

Two long-serving superintendents of the Salem Parks Department were James 'Spud' Foley who served for 37 years and Larry McIntire who served 31 years for the city. See their entries on this wiki for more information.

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