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  • The Salem Evening News was launched in 1880 with Robin Damon as treasurer and general manager.
  • The first location was in the Browne Block, Essex Street. The policy of the News, was stated to be "the truthful and plain-spoken advocacy of the interest of the citizens of Salem, and to furnish a reliable record of all the fresh news in the vicinity," according to the Illustrated History. Frank C. Damon was the regular city editor and was connected with the paper from the beginning.
  • Its longtime headquarters was at 159-189 Washington St., (the Arrington block) They moved the whole enterprise to Beverly in the 1990's.
  • The News was sold to the Ottaway company in May of 1994. The News is merged with two smaller rivals, the Beverly Times and the Peabody Times.
  • The Witch Logo was first used on the Salem Evening News on April 2, 1969.
  • They changed their name to Salem News (dropping the 'evening') on Aug. 19, 2002. The Eagle-Tribune Publishing Co., a family-owned newspaper company in North Andover buys Essex County Newspapers.
  • In 2005, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. bought Eagle-Tribune Publishing.

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