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"Salem Cyberspace, founded in April 2002, started as a not-for-profit technology center dedicated to helping people of all ages, ethnic cultures, and social and economic backgrounds become proficient in the use of computer technology. Our original goal was not just to teach people how to use computers but to provide them with opportunities to use these new skills and knowledge in a meaningful way" according to their website. Salem CyberSpace expands the educational and career opportunities for low-income youth and adults utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Salem Cyberspace is open to all 12 years and older, who want to broaden their technology skills. The center sees technology as a tool to teach English, financial literacy, and job readiness. All programs are free and supported by foundation and government grants.

Salem Cyberspace is located at 98 Lafayette Street, downtown Salem. In 2015, they changed their name to reflect a new sense of purpose. The new name is LEAP for Education. Some of their new mission includes an academic learning center, college success program and after school partnerships.

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